Initiate Agency is a division of Initiate Media, a company founded from one print magazine. 

Initiate Media came into existence in May 2003, acquiring what was at the time Australia’s leading non-denominational Christian magazine: Alive magazine. This was quickly followed up with the acquisition of Christian Woman magazine, the acquisition of the Christian Business Directory, owned and published by Hillsong, and with a further string of acquisitions and launches, we quickly became the southern hemisphere’s leading Christian publisher.

Initiate Media produces a range of media products and services to achieve our vision. Our staff are based across four countries and are all focused on our goal of producing ‘world’s-best’ media, with the aim of spreading the word of God globally.

Initiate Agency not only manages all of Initiate Media’s websites, book and magazine design, as well as all branding, but we work for a wide range of clients as well. Our team is your team, so if you like what you see across Initiate Media’s network, then you’re sure to be impressed with what we can deliver for you.



Initiate Agency