One of the world’s mot influential Christian media companies relies on Initiate Agency for all things digital.Initiate Media is a leading media company in the Digital Age. Utilizing online technology, the company has seen phenomenal growth via the internet. And while it is still heavily involved in the world of print media, clearly the opportunities ahead are predominantly in the digital space.

Initiate Media’s success has been in its ability to keep up to speed with fast-moving technology. And according to its CEO, that would be a lot harder if were not for Initiate Agency’s backing. Matt Danswan, CEO of Initiate Media said: “As we were transitioning from the print era to the digital, which for us coincided at the same time as the GFC, I am not entirely sure we would have made it if we had not had Initiate Agency inside the walls of our offices.

“The fact that we needed to be one step ahead for our clients’ sake meant that we naturally were right up on the pace of digital technology. But I can tell you that it was the Agency side that had the digital skills that got us through.

“Launching Initiate Agency was done for two key reasons: One, we naturally wanted to help other organizations with their creative, as it is really hard to find an agency that understands your core when you are a Christian organization. And two, we realized that if we had an agency inside our walls, and we were being forced to keep up with the latest trends for our clients, and simultaneously this would allow our own media to benefit from us staying one step ahead.

“So by ensuring we were up with the trends of digital for our clients, Initiate Media was itself dragged along for the ride. We are really proud of the fact that we can keep our clients up to speed in this new era. It is exhausting trying to navigate the current digital and media landscape, as it just continues to change, but at least our clients have the luxury of knowing that we have ‘got their backs’.”

So to this vey day, every Initiate Media design and development job is backed – or powered – by Initiate Agency. And with some 40 websites in its stable – not to mention the number of books and magazines published annually, that is a major team’s workload in itself.

“And because our team oscillates across in-house media work and agency work for our clients, it means that we always have a robust, talented team on hand to get the job done,” says Matt Danswan. “Many agencies get lost in ‘agency world’. They are not ultimately responsible for the outcome of the work, as they are paid just to do as they are told. But our team is in the thick of both the agency side, as well as the media side. Our media work must perform for us. So there is nowhere to hide. “

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